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Jayne Miller On Campaign Finance Laws Screen Shot 2016-01-21

Candidates Talk To WJZ About Lowering Property Taxes 010516

After you see the video using the link we just gave you, please take the time to read, “Reality Check: Lowering Property Taxes” that we published yesterday.  Thanks!

Vacants To Value WBAL Video Screen Shot 2015-11-15

Vacants To Value” is the Mayor’s program for, literally, turning vacant, abandoned properties into something of value for the benefit of the neighborhoods where they are located.  The program has its own website which you can see by clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Unfortunately, this highly touted program has had no material effect on city and now, as the report mentioned in the video is telling us, it may turn out that the program’s relatively meager accomplishments may have been overstated.  If true, it’s highly unfortunate given the severity of the vacant properties situation in Baltimore.  If a program isn’t working, our city government should say so and come up with something that will.

New Victims Coming Forward - Video Screen Shot

For public housing employees or contractors to be extorting sex from tenants weren’t bad enough, the cost to the city and our taxpayers to settle suits like this one consume millions of dollars of precious city resources that could be better spent on many other city services. The family of Freddie Gray, for example, received a settlement of $6.4 million for an event that better management of the BPD could have easily avoided.More lawsuits and costly settlements waiting to happen?

Districts Failed To Secure Prisoners - Video Screenshot

With the stress of life in Baltimore being what it is, much of it driven by a struggling economy the hopeless of long-term unemployment and poverty, is it surprising that so many have turned to debilitating substance abuse as means of escape?

Heroin Epidemic - Video Screenshot

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