Vacant Lots

In addition to the city’s 16,855, there are 17,231 vacant lots, that is, properties that have no structure on them.  For that reason, building a new house or business on these properties is less expensive by the cost demolition and cleanup.  Rough estimates, for example, are that it costs $13,500 to demolish a simple row house and fix up that property for sale and development.

All total – buildings and lots combined – Baltimore has 34,086 vacant properties as of this writing.  What can you say about that number other than, “Wow!”  To say the least, it’s impressive, depressingly so.  At the same time, what an opportunity for families looking for newly refurbished or newly built affordable housing and for the employers we need, so desperately, to attract the the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Notice how more widespread, evenly disbursed vacant lots are throughout the city as compared to vacant buildings which are relatively more concentrated in the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Here now is an interactive map of all the vacant lots in the city…


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