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Vacant Lots

City-Owned Vacant Homes & Lots For Sale, Cheap!

Updated Vacants-To-Value Program Inventory As Of July 16, 2016 As you can see from the flier at the bottom of this post, the City’s Housing Department is having what it calls the “Baltimore Builds Expo” on August 13. It’s a series of classes that will help you buy a house or vacant lot on which […] Continue reading →

Eminent Domain

As you may have noticed, we have already posted a map of the 16,885 documented vacant structures in Baltimore. These structures – in addition to the thousands of vacant lots – are a potent tool for attracting desperately needed employers and new residents to the city. To encourage all-inclusive economic growth that will significantly reduce […] Continue reading →

Vacant Lots

In addition to the city’s 16,855, there are 17,231 vacant lots, that is, properties that have no structure on them.  For that reason, building a new house or business on these properties is less expensive by the cost demolition and cleanup.  Rough estimates, for example, are that it costs $13,500 to demolish a simple row house […] Continue reading →

Map of Vacant Lots

This is an interactive map. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to zoom in and out. You can also use your mouse or touchpad to recenter the map and the search function will help you find properties on a specific street. Continue reading →