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Arrests at Baltimore Schools

It comes as no surprise that there is crime happening inside and on the grounds of our city’s schools. That’s obviously a bad thing that affects not only the people perpetrating these crimes and their victims, but everyone – students, faculty and administrators – at the schools where these crimes occur. It’s a particularly difficult […] Continue reading →

Ghost Students

There was an article by Erica Green published in the Saturday, January 30 edition of the Sun, entitled “Baltimore schools lose hundreds of students, millions in funding.” The gist of this article is that it has been discovered that the city’s schools have been over counting the collective student body by roughly 1900 students. By […] Continue reading →

Public Education, The 9 Year Solution

In order to rebuild the Baltimore economy, we need to repopulate the city. To do that, we need to give people and businesses a safer environment, obviously, but also a superior public school system that young families with children can respect, that’s competitive with what the suburbs have to offer. That’s why Baltimore Rising is […] Continue reading →