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Property Taxes

Completely Unrealistic

It’s a simple question:  You make $58,000 a year.  Would you be willing to move your family from the suburbs to the city for $69 per month? According to a January 29, 2016 article in the Sun, legislators in Annapolis will be approving Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s request to use property tax credits to convince the majority […] Continue reading →

Reality Check: Lowering Property Taxes

Candidate for Mayor Nick Mosby has just today published a paper called “Connecting The Dots, A 15 Point plan for Baltimore’s Future.” It’s his platform statement. Item 6 is about lowering property taxes and other housing-related objectives. To quote from page 6 of his document, We will make Baltimore more livable by lowering the City’s […] Continue reading →

How do we reduce the property tax rate?

Cutting property taxes is something we really, really need to do. Our rate, which is 2.248%, is almost twice that of the next highest county rate in the state. The rate in Charles County is 1.205%. If you were thinking maybe it was Howard County, the rate there is only 1.014%. Howard County doesn’t need […] Continue reading →