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Owings Mills Mall

A powerful partnership.

Hi. If you’re reading this, chances are it’s because you were one of many hundreds of Baltimore County’s District 4 residents who visited our website to read articles in opposition to a Walmart Supercenter anchoring Kimco’s redevelopment of its Owings Mills Mall property – and then you stayed to sign our petition. Thank you for […] Continue reading →

Jones For President?

For those of you in Baltimore County’s District 4 who may have been wondering whether or not Councilman Julian Jones was paying attention, the answer is a resounding “Yes!“ “Attention to what?” you ask, because you’ve been living under a rock. For months now, residents of the County’s 4th district that includes Owings Mills, have […] Continue reading →

Kimco’s 4 Site Plans

Hi. Yesterday began with a visit to Baltimore County’s office of Permits, Approvals & Inspections to look at their file #04-0240. That’s the file that contains Kimco’s site plans for its Owings Mills Mall property. What we discovered was that, way back in May 2015, Kimco submitted not just one, but four site plans – […] Continue reading →

Store Size and Ripple Effects

As you may know from articles we’ve written recently about Kimco’s plans to redevelop its Owings Mills Mall property, we’ve been encouraging Councilman Julian Jones to introduce a bill limiting store size. Why? The answer is, “ripple effects.” Let’s begin with a simple observation. Everybody in Baltimore County’s District 4 who needs “stuff” and has […] Continue reading →

The Second Meeting

Are we making progress? The answer is “Yes,” but with reservations. Once again, the room was packed. Standing room only, even after bringing in extra chairs. If there were 255 people at Monday’s meeting, which is the number Councilman Jones gave us, there were 300 or more people at the meeting last night at the […] Continue reading →

Last Night’s Meeting

Here’s a picture of the room at the Owings Mills Library where Councilman Julian Jones – standing in the front of the room – held the first of two town meetings to talk about Kimco’s plans for its Owings Mills Mall property. It’s taken from the far back corner. There are actually more people attending […] Continue reading →

60,000 SF

60,000 SF (square feet) is a significant number for the families that live and businesses that operate in Baltimore County’s District 4. It’s the maximum size of any individual store showing on Kimco’s site plan for the redevelopment of its Owings Mills Mall property. That’s the site plan that is currently under review for approval […] Continue reading →

In a heartbeat.

“Almost all of these <Walmarts> were left empty when the company built a larger store nearby.” That’s a quote from an important article included in this post. As you may already know, Baltimore Rising is encouraging residents of Baltimore County’s District 4, represented by Councilman Julian Jones, to voice their opposition to Kimco’s redevelopment plan […] Continue reading →

“Grand Theft Retail”

An ordinary big box strip center on the Owings Mills Mall property? Anchored by a Walmart Supercenter – that will close the Supercenter on Liberty Road and the Walmart/Sam’s Club on Reisterstown Road? Both of them. Nicer brick maybe and some extra trees and bushes here and there in the huge parking lot? Sure, but […] Continue reading →