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City-Owned Vacant Homes & Lots For Sale, Cheap!

Updated Vacants-To-Value Program Inventory As Of July 16, 2016 As you can see from the flier at the bottom of this post, the City’s Housing Department is having what it calls the “Baltimore Builds Expo” on August 13. It’s a series of classes that will help you buy a house or vacant lot on which […] Continue reading →

Housing or Jobs?

As you may have heard, the state and city will be spending substantial millions of dollars over the next few years to demolish vacant houses in the sections of the city that suffer from urban blight. No doubt about it, vacant housing is a serious problem. It’s not just a visual thing. There are community […] Continue reading →

Missing The Point

The screenshot below is the opening paragraph from a December 26, 2015, article in the Sun.  It’s a good, highly informative piece by Doug Donovan. Here’s the thing.  Life is short, people need work now and our federal government can’t afford to be waisting money it borrows from China, et al.  If the President and […] Continue reading →

Technical Problem

A few days ago, we posted an article that talked about the urgent need to study, right now, the economics of the 150,000+ complaints that are filed with “Rent Court” every year – and that result in 7000 evictions annually. It’s a really important study that addresses a very, very significant problem in our city, […] Continue reading →

150,000 Complaints, 7000 Evictions

Those numbers in the title? Particularly the 150,000 in a city of only 620,000 people? They’re huge, aren’t they? They’re the number of rental unit complaints and resulting evictions that The Sun, the Washington Post, The 7000 Families Campaign and others have been talking about. These are problems between individual tenants who reside in Baltimore […] Continue reading →