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Baltimore’s New Frontier

Free land. No property taxes. Abundant, affordable labor. Customers who spend just about every dollar they make. Financing, if you need it. In the perfect location to do business across the country and around the world. Baltimore’s disadvantaged neighborhoods are every entrepreneur’s teenage dream. Candidates are fond of talking about “Change.” It’s an understandable reaction […] Continue reading →

Zoning: What’s the point?

You’ll notice that the featured image for this article about zoning isn’t a map of this or that district plan. It’s people waiting in line for jobs. Whatever jobs they can get. Generally speaking, zoning is a good thing. By controlling how space is allocated for different types of land use – residential, commercial and […] Continue reading →

The Problem With Startups

Hey. Just a quick note about supporting startups as a strategy for creating jobs. This may sound cold, but it’s huge waste of time and money. Here’s why… Startups are fragile. Most of them will go out of business within 12 to 36 months. Then what? Some startups – like the one in our featured […] Continue reading →

The Economy

As you know, at Baltimore Rising we believe that the most significant problem we have here in Baltimore is that our economy is too small. It just isn’t large and strong enough to provide jobs for all our residents – jobs that pay enough for our families to take good care of themselves and have […] Continue reading →


Is spending $4 million for a new water taxi terminal really the best use of those funds in a city where 25% of the people live in poverty? Maybe we could use the money to encourage a major grocery store chain and other essential retailers to open in one of our disadvantaged neighborhoods? Or to […] Continue reading →

The Economics of Dilution vs. Concentration

It is the mission of Baltimore Rising to start a fire. We talk about it all the time. Not the destructive kind. No. Of course not. What we’re talking about is igniting all-inclusive economic growth that will, sooner rather than later, clean up the mess that Baltimore has become over the past 60 years. Those […] Continue reading →

To TIF or not to TIF?

Let’s talk briefly about TIFs. “To TIF or not to TIF?” isn’t really the question, but it makes for a catchy title. The real question isn’t whether or not, but where. “Excuse me.” Yes? “What’s a TIF?” Excellent question. “TIF” stands for Tax Increment Financing. It’s one of the most powerful tools that our city […] Continue reading →