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Economic Development

JOB$: Which neighborhoods qualify?

Over the weekend, we published our new flier for “JOB$, The Employer Funding Program From Baltimore Rising.” The purpose of the program is to help employers obtain bank financing for $100,000 to $10 million that they need to relocate or expand inside Baltimore neighborhoods that are struggling. With luck and hard work – and the […] Continue reading →

Workforce development is no “Field of Dreams.”

In the market for labor, “Workforce Development” is a supply-side concept. Labor is the product. Employers are the buyers. Without enough employers, there aren’t going to be enough jobs, however well-trained the workforce may be. In Baltimore, the idea is that tens of thousands of unskilled and low-skilled unemployed and under-employed workers will spend months, […] Continue reading →

Baltimore’s New Frontier

Free land. No property taxes. Abundant, affordable labor. Customers who spend just about every dollar they make. Financing, if you need it. In the perfect location to do business across the country and around the world. Baltimore’s disadvantaged neighborhoods are every entrepreneur’s teenage dream. Candidates are fond of talking about “Change.” It’s an understandable reaction […] Continue reading →

No Reason To Wait

No guarantees, of course, but we can help qualified employers get $100,000 to $10 million for construction and operations in selected Baltimore Neighborhoods. Baltimore Rising is working on legislation that will give employers free city-owned lots and buildings in selected neighborhoods with no property taxes for at least 5 years. The objective is to encourage […] Continue reading →

Financing For Employers

If you’ve read our post entitled “Vacants-To-Jobs,” you know that Baltimore Rising is introducing legislation that gives employers who are willing to locate in the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods free property and no property taxes for 5 years. The simple, but nonetheless profound idea is that we’re going to make employers offers they can’t refuse to […] Continue reading →


As you may already know, there’s a Baltimore city government program called “Vacants-To-Value.” It’s primary purpose is to encourage people to refurbish and move into vacant property around the city – properties, mostly residential, that the government has taken over. The objective is to turn the huge number of abandoned properties around the city into […] Continue reading →

Eminent Domain

As you may have noticed, we have already posted a map of the 16,885 documented vacant structures in Baltimore. These structures – in addition to the thousands of vacant lots – are a potent tool for attracting desperately needed employers and new residents to the city. To encourage all-inclusive economic growth that will significantly reduce […] Continue reading →

Priming The Pump

Almost everybody is in agreement that Baltimore needs to lower its property tax rate which, at 2.248%, is almost twice that of the next highest county rate in the state. The rate is so high that it’s discouraging people and employers from moving here – and encouraging people and businesses to leave. We have a […] Continue reading →

Which comes first?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know by now that Baltimore Rising is hell bent on initiating an all-inclusive economic recovery in the city. We’re talking about a turnaround of such nature and magnitude that it dramatically reduces unemployment and poverty. Okay. How do we do that? Some people have argued that […] Continue reading →

Big TIF or Lots of Little TIFs?

This is the second in our series of posts about TIFs. A TIF – if you remember from our piece entitled “To TIF or Not To TIF?” which became an instant classic – stands for Tax Increment Financing. Basically, our city government is borrowing money by selling bonds – money that will be used to […] Continue reading →