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A Tale Of Two Candidates

Hi. A lot has been said of late about the costs of running for Mayor and about two candidates in particular. One is self-made millionaire venture capitalist David Warnock. The other is a government employee, attorney Elizabeth Embry. Mr. Warnock is wealthy. Ms. Embry is not. Ms. Embry has been criticized for having a relative […] Continue reading →

Money can’t buy you love.

David Warnock is a good man. He’s just not a good candidate with anything exceptional to offer the people of Baltimore. Smart and hard working, he has a long-proven record of success as a venture capitalist and has spent millions of his own money through his foundation and other initiatives for the benefit of his […] Continue reading →

David Warnock: More committed to Baltimore or to making money?

As part of our continuing study of the most interesting candidates running for Mayor, we’ve been focusing recently on David Warnock. Mr. Warnock has an exceptional story. A self-made millionaire venture capitalist, in many respects he is a personification of the American dream, an example many in the City of Baltimore will envy and hope […] Continue reading →

Push polls? Legitimate or deceptive campaigning?

If you Google “push poll,” here’s what you see… And here’s the Wikipedia definition.  If the type is too small, click on the image to make it larger. Use this link to see the full Wikipedia write-up. Basically, a push poll is a fake poll used for the purpose of marketing a candidate or ballot […] Continue reading →

One of those moments.

Comparing the Mayoral Candidates You know how, sometimes, there’s something that’s so clear to you, crystal clear, but no one else seems to see? Take Donald Trump, for example. You and everybody you know agrees Trump’s a flaming jerk. So why is he doing so well in the polls? Who are all these people who […] Continue reading →