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Financing For Employers

If you’ve read our post entitled “Vacants-To-Jobs,” you know that Baltimore Rising is introducing legislation that gives employers who are willing to locate in the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods free property and no property taxes for 5 years. The simple, but nonetheless profound idea is that we’re going to make employers offers they can’t refuse to […] Continue reading →

Priming The Pump

Almost everybody is in agreement that Baltimore needs to lower its property tax rate which, at 2.248%, is almost twice that of the next highest county rate in the state. The rate is so high that it’s discouraging people and employers from moving here – and encouraging people and businesses to leave. We have a […] Continue reading →


Hey. As you’ve probably noticed, there is a large, red “Contribute” button in the right column and a “Donate Now” button on our Facebook page (  These buttons are there to help us raise the money we need to do the things we do. Baltimore Rising has a broad mission, the overall objective of which […] Continue reading →

“What’s in it for me?”

It’s a reasonable question. Sure, you care about Baltimore and maybe that’s reason enough for you to contribute to Baltimore Rising. But then, human nature being what it is, you may be asking yourself, “So how, exactly, will contributing to Baltimore Rising make my life any better? What do I stand to gain if and […] Continue reading →


Hi. Welcome to Baltimore Rising. Baltimore Rising, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(4) organization. We believe that the root cause of the crime, drug use and other social ills that plague our city is a weak and long-neglected economy. And we’re going to do something about that. Our primary purpose is the education of voters – […] Continue reading →