Register To Vote

You want to take charge of your city?  Good.  This is where it all starts.

If you’re not already registered to vote in Baltimore City – either because you’ve never registered or you’ve moved here from someone else – we’d like to help you register or change your registration so that you can vote in next April’s primary.

You have 2 choices…

  • You can go register online by clicking on the link we just gave you.  (This is the same webpage that you can use to apply for an absentee ballot.)
  • You can download the voter registration form and mail or fax it to the Board of Elections.  Instructions are on the form.  Just click on the link in this bullet.

You have all the way until April 5, 2016 to register or change your registration, but why wait?!  It’s easy to do, so you might as well do it now.  Trust us.  Registering to vote will make you feel good.  Because your city needs all the help it can get – and voting is how you do your part to save the great city of Baltimore.

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