Workforce development is no “Field of Dreams.”

In the market for labor, “Workforce Development” is a supply-side concept. Labor is the product. Employers are the buyers. Without enough employers, there aren’t going to be enough jobs, however well-trained the workforce may be. In Baltimore, the idea is that tens of thousands of unskilled and low-skilled unemployed and under-employed workers will spend months, […] Continue reading →

Push polls? Legitimate or deceptive campaigning?

If you Google “push poll,” here’s what you see… And here’s the Wikipedia definition.  If the type is too small, click on the image to make it larger. Use this link to see the full Wikipedia write-up. Basically, a push poll is a fake poll used for the purpose of marketing a candidate or ballot […] Continue reading →

The 6 Candidate Comparison

In case you’re having problems understanding what this or that candidate for Mayor is all about and picking one that you’ll support, you’re not alone. Some are telling us who they are for the first time. Others are well known and don’t have to worry about name recognition. Some candidates who have the money are […] Continue reading →

Flaw in the system.

Sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks, all but 1 or 2 of the 15 Democratic candidates for Mayor running against Sheila Dixon need to drop out. If they don’t, the ones who don’t drop out – and who have no real chance of winning – are seriously and selfishly jeopardizing the future of […] Continue reading →

Baltimore’s New Frontier

Free land. No property taxes. Abundant, affordable labor. Customers who spend just about every dollar they make. Financing, if you need it. In the perfect location to do business across the country and around the world. Baltimore’s disadvantaged neighborhoods are every entrepreneur’s teenage dream. Candidates are fond of talking about “Change.” It’s an understandable reaction […] Continue reading →

Guaranteed More Effective Government

Hey.  Roughly a quarter of the city’s population – round numbers, more than 150,000 parents and their children and a good number of older folks too – are in families making less than the official poverty level. If that isn’t the city’s highest priority, we don’t know what is. On behalf of these families, we […] Continue reading →

Housing or Jobs?

As you may have heard, the state and city will be spending substantial millions of dollars over the next few years to demolish vacant houses in the sections of the city that suffer from urban blight. No doubt about it, vacant housing is a serious problem. It’s not just a visual thing. There are community […] Continue reading →