JOB$: Which neighborhoods qualify?

Over the weekend, we published our new flier for “JOB$, The Employer Funding Program From Baltimore Rising.” The purpose of the program is to help employers obtain bank financing for $100,000 to $10 million that they need to relocate or expand inside Baltimore neighborhoods that are struggling. With luck and hard work – and the […] Continue reading →

Now what? (Results revised to include final count.)

Note:  The original text of this piece has been updated to reflect the final count published by the Maryland State Board of Elections on Friday evening, May 6, 2016. First of all, our sincere and enthusiastic congratulations to Democratic Nominee for Mayor Catherine Pugh. Senator, soon to be Mayor Pugh has worked long and hard […] Continue reading →

The Last Reason To Vote

By now, candidates, your mother, friends – who seriously believe that their participation in the election makes them superior – and others have given you the standard reasons why you should vote. Let’s review them briefly… It’s your civic duty. “This argument presumes that I actually care about other people that I don’t even know.” […] Continue reading →

A Tale Of Two Candidates

Hi. A lot has been said of late about the costs of running for Mayor and about two candidates in particular. One is self-made millionaire venture capitalist David Warnock. The other is a government employee, attorney Elizabeth Embry. Mr. Warnock is wealthy. Ms. Embry is not. Ms. Embry has been criticized for having a relative […] Continue reading →

Money can’t buy you love.

David Warnock is a good man. He’s just not a good candidate with anything exceptional to offer the people of Baltimore. Smart and hard working, he has a long-proven record of success as a venture capitalist and has spent millions of his own money through his foundation and other initiatives for the benefit of his […] Continue reading →

Our Desperate Need For Election Reform

Life is short. Let’s get right down to business. Three points… One is that we need to extend the limit on campaign contributions, which is now $6000 per person or entity, to cover the candidates themselves. In the race for Mayor of Baltimore, David Warnock has spent in excess of $1.5 million of his own […] Continue reading →

Is raising the minimum wage a good thing for Baltimore?

What if everyone working in the city made at least the full-time equivalent of $31,200/year? Just about everyone running for office, including for Mayor of Baltimore, is endorsing increasing the minimum wage from $8.25/hour to $15/hour. Now who wouldn’t be in favor of that? “Good question.” Thank you. Let’s think about it, but first, it’ll […] Continue reading →

Major Mayoral Candidate Turnout

New to the city, this primary will be the first time David Warnock has voted for Mayor. The question is, “Have the leading candidates for Mayor been good citizens when it comes to voting?” Take a look at the table below. You’ll have to click on the link to see it. Blow it up if […] Continue reading →

David Warnock: More committed to Baltimore or to making money?

As part of our continuing study of the most interesting candidates running for Mayor, we’ve been focusing recently on David Warnock. Mr. Warnock has an exceptional story. A self-made millionaire venture capitalist, in many respects he is a personification of the American dream, an example many in the City of Baltimore will envy and hope […] Continue reading →