Is spending $4 million for a new water taxi terminal really the best use of those funds in a city where 25% of the people live in poverty? Maybe we could use the money to encourage a major grocery store chain and other essential retailers to open in one of our disadvantaged neighborhoods? Or to […] Continue reading →

Big TIF or Lots of Little TIFs?

This is the second in our series of posts about TIFs. A TIF – if you remember from our piece entitled “To TIF or Not To TIF?” which became an instant classic – stands for Tax Increment Financing. Basically, our city government is borrowing money by selling bonds – money that will be used to […] Continue reading →

The Price of Public Safety

Don’t you just love pie charts? Actually, it’s the pie part that I like most. Cherry pie, the kind with crisscrossed strips of crust. Chocolate pecan pie. …Unfortunately, holiday season or not, that’s not the kind of pie we’re talking about, is it? See the first chart below? It’s on page 116 of the city’s […] Continue reading →

$2500 annual tax credit to move into the city?

If you’ve read this morning’s Sun, you’ve seen the article entitled, “Mayor offers plan to provide $2,500 annual tax credit to city police, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies.” At present, only 28% of our Police and 36% of our Firefighters live in the city. The other 72% and 64% know better. After what our mostly heroic Policemen […] Continue reading →

The Economics of Dilution vs. Concentration

It is the mission of Baltimore Rising to start a fire. We talk about it all the time. Not the destructive kind. No. Of course not. What we’re talking about is igniting all-inclusive economic growth that will, sooner rather than later, clean up the mess that Baltimore has become over the past 60 years. Those […] Continue reading →

To TIF or not to TIF?

Let’s talk briefly about TIFs. “To TIF or not to TIF?” isn’t really the question, but it makes for a catchy title. The real question isn’t whether or not, but where. “Excuse me.” Yes? “What’s a TIF?” Excellent question. “TIF” stands for Tax Increment Financing. It’s one of the most powerful tools that our city […] Continue reading →

Minority rule?

If you don’t vote, this post is directed right at you. Last election, you were either too busy doing something you thought was more important, too lazy or you made the conscious decision that it wouldn’t make any difference. Maybe you didn’t like any of the candidates who were running, so why bother? Whatever your […] Continue reading →

Online Voting: No more excuses.

Baltimore Rising in favor of online voting. Why? It’s simple. Because we believe in majority rule. Let’s just focus on two recent Baltimore City primaries. We’ll talk about primaries because, in Baltimore City, Democrats so outnumber Republicans that the winners of the Democratic primary are almost always victorious in the general election. The last Presidential […] Continue reading →

“What’s in it for me?”

It’s a reasonable question. Sure, you care about Baltimore and maybe that’s reason enough for you to contribute to Baltimore Rising. But then, human nature being what it is, you may be asking yourself, “So how, exactly, will contributing to Baltimore Rising make my life any better? What do I stand to gain if and […] Continue reading →