Crime Maps

Our mission is to facilitate and stimulate economic development and growth that dramatically reduces unemployment and poverty in Baltimore.  When that happens, we expect crime to decline also because so much of crime is caused by the inability of too many of our residents to earn a sufficient living through legitimate means.  Long-term unemployment, under-employment (working, but not earning a living wage) and poverty have their consequences.  Crime is one of them.

In any case, we can’t wait for economic recovery to reduce crime because the current extent of crime is such that it’s discouraging people and employers from moving here.  To the best of its ability, we need our Police Department to help by getting crime under control until economic recovery reduces the basis for so many of these criminal acts.  Our objective at Baltimore Rising is, in part, to pull the reasons for crime out from under it.  In the meantime, we need the BPD to buy us the time we need to initiate substantial, all-inclusive economic development and growth that puts our city back to work.

And so we were curious.  Other than the breaking news we watch daily on the local television news, how bad is it?  To help us understand how much of what serious crimes are occurring where, we’ve downloaded BPC crime data into the 15 interactive maps listed below.  There’s one map for each of the FBI’s “Part 1 Victim-Based Crimes.”  If you’re interested, you can recenter the maps and zoom in to look at crimes in your neighborhood or someplace where you are considering moving your family or business.

At the very least, these maps will give you a sense of how extensive and how widespread or concentrated different crimes have been over the year we mapped, September 1, 2014 through August 31, 2015.

Crime maps…

01.  Aggravated Assaults

02.  Arson

03.  Assault by Threat

04.  Auto Theft

05.  Burglary

06.  Common Assault

07.  Homicide

08.  Larceny

09.  Larceny From Auto

10.  Rape

11.  Robbery – Carjacking

12.  Robbery – Commercial

13.  Robbery – Residence

14.  Robbery – Street

15.  Shooting


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