Creating Jobs In the Heart of the Food Deserts of Baltimore

The other day, someone asked us how we would bring employers to Baltimore. It’s a good question that we’ve decided to answer in print. Here, in no particular order, are some simple strategies that we think the state and/or city should be supporting. If you’re interested, you can buy us lunch at a cheap diner […] Continue reading →

One term wonder?

Every once in a while, we come across a first-term elected official who means well, a good guy who has potential, but who somehow gets off track, who goes down a road, takes a wrong turn and can’t find his way home. Four years later, he’s out, a promising career in government ended early. Councilman […] Continue reading →

What a crock.

Earlier today, President-Elect Donald Trump, together with Japanese businessman Masayoshi Son, CEO of the Softbank Group, jointly announced that Son will be investing a whopping $50 billion in the United States over the next 3 years, creating 50,000 jobs.  What a crock. Why do we say that?  Well, because, on the face of it, the $50 billion […] Continue reading →

Trump’s Wac-A-Mole Economics…

…or “Wac-A-Molonomics” as we like to call it, but it’s hard to pronounce. Now we finally understand President-Elect Trump’s keep-jobs-in-America policy. It’s his own special version of the classic arcade game, Wac-A-Mole. On November 29, Mr. Trump – author, in name only, of the classic “Art Of The Deal” – took great pride in announcing […] Continue reading →

Resisting Temptation

Our belated congratulations to Catherine Pugh for having been elected Mayor of Baltimore. Well done. Mayor-elect Pugh is, hands down, the most capable person to be elected by the city in decades. The only problem is, she may be too capable and may, soon enough, find herself mired in the quicksand that is the city […] Continue reading →

A powerful partnership.

Hi. If you’re reading this, chances are it’s because you were one of many hundreds of Baltimore County’s District 4 residents who visited our website to read articles in opposition to a Walmart Supercenter anchoring Kimco’s redevelopment of its Owings Mills Mall property – and then you stayed to sign our petition. Thank you for […] Continue reading →

Jones For President?

For those of you in Baltimore County’s District 4 who may have been wondering whether or not Councilman Julian Jones was paying attention, the answer is a resounding “Yes!“ “Attention to what?” you ask, because you’ve been living under a rock. For months now, residents of the County’s 4th district that includes Owings Mills, have […] Continue reading →

One term wonder.

Yes, that person – on the right! – in the featured image for this piece, copped from a cover of Mad Magazine, is Alfred E. Neuman, rumored to be on President-Elect Trump’s short list for Secretary of Defense. No, that’s not a typo. Alfred asked Mr. Trump if he could be in charge of the wall […] Continue reading →

A Suggestion For Soon-To-Be Mayor-Elect Pugh

Baltimore has thousands of unemployed and under-employed, unskilled and low-skilled workers. These people need jobs, the sooner the better.  It’s an urgent problem of the highest order. As it turns out, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are 48,000 openings for truck drivers across the country.  Quite probably, many hundreds of these jobs […] Continue reading →